58 days ago

Hanmer Springs desperate for summer staff as shortage leaves operators cutting hours

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from Northern Outlook

Tourism hotspot Hanmer Springs is calling for a fresh supply of workers over summer, with retail, tourism and hospitality venues all desperately seeking staff.

A housing shortage and transient workers have meant several operators have needed to reduce their hours, despite being fully booked for the upcoming season.

Alan McNabb owns and operates five venues in the village – Monteith’s Brewery, Finn’s Irish Pub, Roasted Bean Cafe, Fire and Ice Restaurant and the Alpine Village Inn.

He said despite last summer setting record visitor numbers in the tiny North Canterbury tourist town, they can’t find return workers.

“It’s horrific. I’ve lost 13 staff over the last three weeks and am about to lose another three chefs. We’ve cut opening hours so we can give the few staff we do have breaks.

“I need at least another 10 to 15 staff to get through this summer, but I have nowhere for them to stay either.” Read more here.

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KN95 Protective Masks

Dianne from Rangiora

These masks are recommended by all the experts. I purchased two from our local pharmacy on Friday. Made in China.The warning on the back reads;- 1. The mask does not eliminate the risk of contracting any disease or infection. 2. Improper use may lead to illness or even death. 3. Some materials in direct contact with skin may cause allergic reactions or even anaphylaxis in sensitive individuals. 4. for adults only. Do not wash. Whaaaat?

11 hours ago

Bagged Pinecones

Mandy from Swannanoa - Ohoka

Large sacks of dry pinecones, ready to burn now, shed stored.
$4 per large sack of pinecones.
message or call Nida 0211603810