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Set up for life: The ‘Tattooed Baker’


"It was the absolute best decision. I was a fully qualified baker at the age of 21 and had no student debt. So while my high school peers were living a broke student life at university, I was debt-free and earning a good wage.”

Another great success story featuring Bex Savage, who discovered her passion for baking after embarking on a Competenz Craft Baking apprenticeship when she was 18​, an experience she says set her up for life.

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1 hour ago

Shower Seat

Jan from Remuera

My husband will be in plaster until Mid January. Does anyone have a Shower Seat to sell.

1 hour ago

Uplands Kindergarten at Somervell Church

Head Teacher from Uplands Kindergarten

Christmas is fast approaching and each session brings another idea for decorations. We were very lucky to get a supply of empty wool cones this year (we ran out). Add some wire and colourful beads, which the children are deft at threading on, and they make the best Christmas trees.

1 hour ago

Nearly 120 years later, TG Macarthy continues to help those in need

Public Trust

Since its inception in 1912, and with the support of our Charities team TG Macarthy Trust continues to help New Zealand communities by awarding grants to not-for-profit organisations. Read about what the trust is getting up to, almost 120 years after it was established.