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Is it too late for New Years resolutions?

Henderson Reeves Auckland

Legal New Year’s Resolutions
The best kind of New Year’s resolution is one that is easy enough to keep and makes you feel a whole lot better. We may have made muttered promises to ourselves about more walks, and less wine, but here are five legal resolutions that will leave you feeling right on top of things and ready for your year:
1. Make a will (or take a look at your old one to see if it needs refreshing).
Everybody whether married, single, a parent or a grandparent needs a will. It saves your family having to go to Court to get Letters of Administration. A well thought out will allows you to plan what happens to your assets when you die, and to nominate someone to have a say in important decisions for your children. In addition to your will, do you need an enduring power of attorney so that a trusted person can step in and make important care or property decisions if you cannot do so yourself?
2. Get on top of debt
This year I am abolishing a budget in favour of a “Spending Plan” because it sounds much more fun. If things have gotten more serious than that, a lawyer can help you renegotiate debt, and your bank or mortgage broker could help you consolidate your debts to reduce the overall interest you are paying. A “disruptive accountant” or a budgeting advisor might be just the thing for taking control of your financial affairs.
3. Get some advice on that niggly legal issue
This may seem self-serving, but that combative neighbour on your right of way, that ongoing trust issue, or upcoming property purchase with your partner are underlying causes of stress. Sometimes all you need is 20 minutes legal advice to put you on the path to resolving them.
4. Make sure your insurance is doing what you think it is
For lots of reasons, insurance policies may not be protecting you properly – whether because you have more assets than you used to, other circumstances have changed, or you are just paying too much. So that you are protected when you need it, read your policy and get in touch with your insurer if anything is unclear. Ask them if they have a plain English description of cover and exclusions. Work out whether your house insurance will cover a rebuild if you needed one. Consider an insurance broker.
5. Book in a time for those walks and revel in all that peace of mind (I’m not saying anything about the wine).

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Is your broadband bill about to increase? Don't throw money away.

NZ Compare

Spark have recently announced a price increase of $3 - $5 a month for new and existing broadband customers and other providers seem likely to follow suit.

Information collated by our research team has found that tens of thousands of Kiwis are still missing out on hundreds of dollars of savings each year on their broadband bill, because they are failing to shop around for cheaper broadband plans.

We estimate that over 500,000 households would be able to pay less for their broadband each month but many consumers are unaware of the fact that they could be making these savings and people often don’t know where to start when looking for a change in broadband plan or provider.

This is where NZ Compare can help. Our websites are simple to use and if you need more help, our friendly, Auckland based, customer support centre can advise on the most suitable broadband plan for your needs and help talk you through the switch. With unlimited fibre broadband plans available for less than $60 a month why would you pay more?

Find out more at NZ Compare or call the team on 0508 226672

CORRECTION: This post has been amended to clarify that the price of fibre and copper broadband internet services will increase, and that the increase is between $3 and $5 a month, not only $5 a month on fibre broadband plans as previously posted. (Amended at 10.31am, June 23, 2022)

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Get Upcycling to win in 2022!


Unleash the artist within you, showcase your DIY creative skills and spruce up an old item or completely repurpose it! Resene and Neighbourly are challenging everyday Kiwis like YOU to take part in the Resene Upcycling Awards.

We want to see your amazing creations so don't be afraid to go all out! Check out some of the previous entires here.

Take part in the 2022 Resene Upcycling Awards. There are four great prizes worth $500 up for grabs: a $200 Resene voucher and a $300 Prezzy® card!
Find out more

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NZ made knitwear factory sale

McDonald Textiles

Come and pick up warm, snug winter knits designed to last a lifetime at bargain prices.

Beautiful knitwear from leading NZ brands McDonald , Standard Issue and Visage .

A wide range of possum merino, alpaca and 100% merino garments and accessories on sale for 3 DAYS ONLY.

Up to 80% off RRP – includes discontinued lines, samples and seconds.

Friday 1 July to Sunday 3 July. 10am to 4pm daily. 4b Lockhart Place Mount Wellington.
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