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Pioneering a new way of living

Ryman Healthcare Limited

There’s a new generation pioneering what it means to be living in retirement. They’re making the most of every moment, trying new things and rediscovering passions that were lost when responsibilities took over.

They’re busy enjoying newfound independence and relaxing into creativity.
We want to help them do it. That’s why we’re pioneering a new way of living for a new retirement generation.
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1 hour ago

New library assistant springs into action

Caryn Wilkinson Reporter from Community News

Meet Spud, the new library assistant at Blockhouse Bay Intermediate School.

Easter came early to the school when the bunny appeared in the school gardens a few weeks ago.

Staff tracked down the owner who was moving house and asked if they could take care of the friendly fellow.

Spud is hoppily settling into his new role as the library bunny.

4 hours ago

Fire Extinguishers

The Team from Wee Jobs

Fire extinguishers are a great investment to keeping your home safe from small fires. Check out tips below!

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Cindy from Freemans Bay

I am buying my Aunt who brought me up anew bed but I NEED your help my aunt is stiff & has arthritis so do I buy her a low bed or high bed or is there any other special beds I could choice.THANKS,Cindy