79 days ago

Diploma Chefs cook featuring smoked fish

New Zealand School of Food & Wine

First week of the Level 5 Diploma students being back at the school and presenting some complex, flavorful dishes made up of smoked fish.
Here are the dish photos and some of the dishes by our Diploma students -

• Cold and hot smoked salmon and toilette of smoked salmon with white asparagus
• Whole smoked mackerel with egg Royale and pickled onion
• Smoked Kahawai dip with oat crackers
• Pickled and smoked herring on rye bread
• Homemade rye bread served with our previously prepared pickles

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2 days ago

Neighbourly Post collecting Scrap Metal

Ann from Totara Park – Alfriston

I saw a Post from a guy saying he could collect old Washing Machines, Stoves and other Scrap Metal. If he is still doing this around Alfriston/Manurewa can you message me. When I see your name it will refresh my mind (can’t think of the name)
Thanks in advance

1 day ago

Exclusive Neighbourly offering!

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