91 days ago

Neighbour threatened to shoot!

Eivon from Glendene

I suffer from multiple mental illnesses, and I have a dog to help me with my emotions. He's been getting out a lot because of some of our careless tenants. He recently got out and my neighbour threatened to shoot him. They even threw something which hurt him, and caused him to feel scared and traumatised. I feel so unsafe here in Heversham Place, Glendene. The neighbours will hurt my dog and might hurt me and my husband too. What should I do?

Please help 🙏

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5 days ago

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You've likely heard about the shoppers encountering those cheeky rodents in our local supermarkets around the country. Have you yourself stumbled across something unexpected while shopping?

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8 hours ago

Do you know anyone thinking of going on a Princess cruise?

Alan from Titirangi

Princess Cruises has invoiced me for USD$265.72 after we were told the matter was closed. These charges were related to the previous occupants of our cabin. See:

9 hours ago