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Fun Indoor Rainy Games To Play

Andrea from Eden Terrace

Oh oh, it's raining...now to have some fun!
Arm & Leg Tag is the classic chase game with a twist: every player is “it” and the goal is to tag each person’s arms and legs. When a player’s arm or leg is tagged, they can no longer use it, so they’ll have to put their arms behind their back or hop on one leg. Tagging any other part of their body is allowed, but it doesn’t count towards anything. When all four limbs have been tagged, players are out of the game, and the last player standing with at least one arm or leg wins. Arm & Leg Tag is easy to play indoors, just watch out for furniture or sharp edges.

In As Seen on TV, one player (usually the parent) serves as the “TV” and acts out what’s on the “screen.” Give one child the remote (real or pretend), and ask them to flip through the channels until they land on what they want to watch. Once they pick their favorite program, which could be anything from a cartoon to a sports game to a commercial, they’ll announce their choice and the TV will have to act it out. As the TV, you can use any props at your disposal, but you have to be every character on the show. After 10-15 seconds, ask the player with the remote to change the channel and pick a new show for the TV to act out. Once kids get the idea of the game, they can swap in to play the TV.

Story Cards lets you craft an original story using homemade picture cards. Cut each sheet of 8.5″ x 11″ paper into 10 playing cards and draw a single item on one side of each. The items can be any person, place, or thing, but it helps to make them specific and personal. Shuffle up the deck and begin picking cards from the top to tell a story. The stories don’t have to make sense, and it might be challenging to find connections between cards, but that’s part of the improvisational fun.

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Could the geat Polynesian migration turn kids on to science and tech

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, Like many, Sir Ian Taylor learned only at the age of 68 about the Polynesian migrations across the Pacific Ocean. He hopes a new education website will inspire especially maori and pasifika kids they have innovation in their DNA. Did you know the stories? Read below:

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Poll: Are you in favour of V-shaped pruning to avoid power lines?

Caryn Wilkinson Reporter from Community News

Another Auckland suburb has come under fire for unattractive tree pruning.

Waterview’s Alford St made headlines last week after residents complained the trees had been cut into unsightly V-shapes by Auckland Council contractor Treescape.

Doria Johnson, who lives on Scott Rd in Papakura, said the trees on her road have had the same treatment, from the same contractor.

Every single tree has been cut down the middle to avoid the power lines, she said.

“It’s not just my tree, it's the entire street ... It looks like a nightmare, it's disgusting.”

Read more of Mina Kerr-Lazenby's story here on Stuff:


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Are you in favour of V-shaped pruning to avoid power lines?
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