116 days ago

Friday Feathered Friend

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Simon Woolf visited the South Island over Christmas and he took this beautiful picture of a kotuku.

"Back in the 1970's I got to know National Forest Service Photographer John Johns. John was a phenomenal photographer, who was both technically and creatively brilliant. John was a true gentleman. He shared his knowledge freely too.
One of his many amazing photos was a Kotuku in flight, however his photo was very different to other Kotuku photos I had seen. It was the white bird against a white sky, and in Black and White. It was a beautiful piece of art and showed The Kotuku, our White Herons features so precisely.
John Johns along with Geoff Moon would be our greatest ever wildlife bird photographers. They largely worked with film, creating images in a darkroom, and shooting with manual lenses, They respected their environment immensely.
This Kotuku photo, taken yesterday, is a tribute to John, and what he taught me all those years ago. I was very fortunate to have John and Geoff, who both passed away some years ago now, as friends and mentors".

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Poll: Do you support Wellington airport expanding?

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Supporters say it will bring more people and money to the region, and create room for updated aviation technology as it advances. Opponents say it will mean more noise, pollution and climate emissions while the rest of the city works to reduce them."
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Do you support Wellington airport expanding?
  • 75.1% Yes
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  • 24.9% No
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1068 votes
7 hours ago

Bland article

Marie from Waikanae

Well .... That was a disappointing article in this weeks Kapiti Observer on the price of butter. I could have got more information from reading the comments on Neighbourly.
More info on the wholesale price of butter would have been interesting along with a recommendation or two about what action should be taken and what options consumers have. For example, the price of butter blends has stayed relatively constant, at around the $5 mark, compared to the 100% butter packs. There are some other advantages too. Blends are better for you than butter in terms of saturated fat and most dont contain preservatives, while many margerines do.
Freight costs to ship goods overseas are high at present. So, if we are paying the same price as UK Sainsbury's, are we paying an overinflated price, given that there are less freight costs involved?
Was hoping for a good piece of investigative journalism on this issue, which was sadly lacking.

5 hours ago

What's On: 50+ Network Meeting

Cliff from Paraparaumu Beach

Cyber Security - is a must as more business is done electronically. Our speaker is local entrepreneur Jan Thornborough, a cyber security specialist. $5 koha
50+ Network Meeting
  • Paraparaumu Library