612 days ago

Computer repair and IT support in Level 2

Daniel from ITstuff[ed]

We hope you all had a wonderful Level 2 weekend.
With being back to Level 2, our services are (almost) back to normal.

In-home computer repairs:
We are offering again in-home & on-site IT support and computer repairs.

Computer Drop-offs:
You are also welcome to drop your laptop or desktop PC off to us again. For any drop-offs or visits, please ring 0800 487 883 before visiting us – this is to ensure that we are here when you get here.

Pickup service:
We still offer our contactless pickup service, if you are in self isolation or prefer the convenience of a pick-up. All picked up equipment will be disinfected before being dropped back off to you.

Remote support:
We also offer remote support, where applicable. Please talk to us and we will let you know if this is an option.

Hygiene Protocol Outline:

We will ensure, that we disinfect/wash hands before entering your home and begin to work on your computer.
We keep track of who we were in contact with. Our contact register is part of our booking system. If you have any symptoms, please let us know, and we can reschedule your appointment.
Alternatively, our contactless pickup service is still available.
We carry disinfectant with us, suitable for surfaces, like your keyboard, mouse and any other part of your computer we touch during the appointment. We disinfect before and after working on your laptop or desktop computer.
We are endeavouring to stay at least 1 meter apart.

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7 days ago

I would love any broken or working consoles, games, accessories or bluerays please

Chloe from Aranui

Hi there, would any one please have any broken or working consoles, games, accessories or blue rays for my family to work on that they are thinking of getting rid of or sending to the skip and would be happy to pay it foward please? Happy to collect from Christchurch - Woodend or cover postage cost if out of town,  Thank you :)

3 days ago

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Electrification of the motoring industry is not only inevitable, it is happening at a far faster rate than most people were probably expecting.

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Your daily dose of good news

The Team Reporter from Stuff

The 98-year-old painter who saved a village and a cat who hitched a ride to a charity shop in an old chair feature in today's Antidote - your much-needed dose of positivity to remind you that there's inspiration, kindness and quirkiness even in these unusual times. Sign up here to get The Antidote delivered to your inbox (it's free!)