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Need new glasses but worried about the cost?

The Optical Shop

Come and have a chat with Steve, Bowie, or Bracken at The Optical Shop in Waipapa!

We have a full optical lab facility and hundreds of glasses between $29 and $69.
You’ll save hundreds of dollars on new glasses WE PROMISE!

All single vision glasses we can do in just an hour – no more waiting!

And if you have a favourite pair but need new lenses, yes we do heaps of reglazing, it’s just $50.

Progressives from $90, sunglass tinting $50… we can do almost anything!

You do need to bring a copy of your prescription, however, if you don’t have this, if you have a pair of glasses already we can usually use our equipment to read the prescription from the lenses.

We also do a huge range of contact lenses! If you already wear them, bring in your box or lens blisters and we’ll compare them. Our lenses are typically around half price compared to most other retailers.

How do we have such low prices? We do all the lens fitting ourselves and we buy almost everything we sell directly from the manufacturers so we’re cutting out a LOT of cost that usually goes into a pair of glasses.

We’re at 2052 State Highway 10, Waipapa or call 0800 119 830
Or visit.
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What would The School of Life teach?

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

The National Party introduced their policy called 'teaching the basics brilliantly' last year regarding changing school curriculums. They are referring to reading, writing and maths.

However, some people believe school should actually be more practical, teaching kids to change tyres and balance their finances. Thinking about all the skills that have benefited you over the years, tell us what would be taught at your School of Life?

Type 'Not For Print' if you wish your comments to be excluded from the Conversations column of your local paper.

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Colour your summer

Resene ColorShop Gisborne

Get creative with colour with these art projects using Resene paints.

Find out how to get creative with these easy ideas.

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Enjoy Financial Certainty...

The Team from Ryman Healthcare

When you move to a Ryman village, the last thing you need to think about are unexpected costs. We offer financial security with rates, home insurance, exterior maintenance and gardening all covered under one fixed base weekly fee*, meaning once you’ve moved in you can focus on the things you enjoy.

Find out more about our living options today and get ready for a new lifestyle.

*Weekly fee’s only increase if you change from independent living to serviced apartment living, or you add extra care options.
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