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Nice Neighbours: Matt, Amelie and Jireh Rudich of Papakura

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This week's Nice Neighbours are Matt, Amelie and Jireh Rudich of Papakura. They were nominated by Yolanda Schuller.

On Yolanda's birthday, her husband had a major heart attack. They had an entire day planned, but then life threw a spanner into the works.

Yolanda asked Amelie to feed her cat, Koda, but Amelie's family went over and above. They cooked dinners two nights in a row and sent yummy treats during the tough time.

“I was really touched by their love, prayers and generosity. They are amazing. I couldn’t wish for better neighbours,” said Yolanda.

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What would The School of Life teach?

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

The National Party introduced their policy called 'teaching the basics brilliantly' last year regarding changing school curriculums. They are referring to reading, writing and maths.

However, some people believe school should actually be more practical, teaching kids to change tyres and balance their finances. Thinking about all the skills that have benefited you over the years, tell us what would be taught at your School of Life?

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