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Pioneering a new way of living

Ryman Healthcare Limited

The people who live in Ryman villages remain true to themselves, whether that’s continuing with their passion, making the most of every minute, challenging themselves to learn something new, or surrounding themselves with people who like to have fun.
As Lynette, a resident at Edmund Hilary village, says “A lot of people still believe that you're going to a rest home. They don't know the concept of a retirement village. You go there, it's beautiful. You've got facilities. You've got activities. And you don't stop living.”
Retirement is a chapter of life that’s filled with possibility. Choose the lifestyle you want to live and proudly embrace every opportunity. It’s what Ryman residents do.
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42 minutes ago

Animals in cars

Andrea from Mission Bay

Hello everybody. Well we have had some very hot days and i find it upsetting to see dogs in cars at the supermarket with just a little bit of window open.When a dog is hot they will pant and this is to regulate the breathing,sometimes it works but if it doesnt pour some cold water along the back of there spine. A little bit of window wound down will still make your dog very hot and stressed and that is because dogs only have 2 places with pores that breath,that is there paws and nose,unlike humans who have pores all over ,so leave your dog at home because they will be more comfortable and dont forget to leave fresh water out and if having a barbecue dont give you pets hot food off the barbie,let it cool first.

3 hours ago

Lawnmower not working?

Charlotte Penrose from Elstree Mowers 2007 Ltd

Give me a call or text before your lawn look's terrible, free pick up and delivery i your area. Ph 095285105 or 0276013006
Have a great day 😀

4 hours ago

Does your lawn look like this

Charlotte Penrose from Elstree Mowers 2007 Ltd

Hi everyone,
Get your mower serviced before the Christmas break. We offer free pick up and delivery around your area. Just call or text 095285105 or 0276013006 have a great day Charlotte