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Win $4k worth of office gadgets!

The Team from Digital Boost

All set up tech-wise but not sure how to make the most of it? Head to Digital Boost to learn how digital technology can help get your business on the map Find out more

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1 hour ago

Exceed we fix windows & doors

Juli Diaz from Exceed - We fix windows & doors

If you're stuck with a broken window or door that needs repair, call Exceed specialists now!
We have qualified, knowledgeable and caring teams in the area, fully equipped with all the parts and tools they need to complete most jobs.

Book a visit today and get the best quality repair
Call 0800 25 25 00
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1 hour ago

Old Roofing Iron - free to a good (or bad) home

Richard from Meadowbank

Hello - we have some old roofing iron that we would love to get rid of. There are 5 Sheets of old roofing iron. Measurements are 2750 x 670 (cm) plus some assorted strips. We are in Meadowbank. Please phone Emma on 021 877326 if you are interested.

6 hours ago

Auckland to Whangarei / Kerikeri

Antonio from Pronto Movers

We are heading to Whangarei & Kerikeri on Tuesday the 14th of Dec.

Please let me know if you have something to be delivered from Akl or picked up on the way back.
Limited space available.
Please text 022 024 6753
Email deliveryservicesnz@gmail.com