76 days ago

Reno blogging saved one couple $35k... but it didn't come cheap

Kylie Klein Nixon Reporter from Homed

I've always thought of reno blogging as a way to document a difficult process in a fun, relatable way. The benefit? Emotional support and maybe advice from folks following your journey - and maybe a little ego bump from showing off your mad wallpapering skills.
If you're lucky, and good, you might be given a couple of cans of paint from your local hardware store, to help you on the way - but that would be the icing on the tip of the social media cake.
Few of us would have the energy or knowhow to turn their reno into a part time side hustle that's both creatively fulfilling, and engaging.
But that's exactly what Moochstyle's Shayden and Georgia Whipps have done - with some pawsome help from their gorgeous dog Frankie. They've been blogging their Christchurch villa reno since they bought their home and Shayden shared their story with us for the final episode of First Rung, our podcast. A first time homeowner and renovator, Shayden is such an inspiring guy to chat with. He makes you want to jump in and give it go. Check out his story and let us know what you think.

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3 hours ago

Loud bangs

Nick from Nick The Builder

Anyone know what that loud banging noise is? Sounds like fireworks?

2 hours ago

Loud music and fireworks

Loks Neighbourly Lead from Stonefields

Any idea what's happening? 🤔