533 days ago

Auckland man spends $240 a month on taxis to avoid driving on loose chip seal

Mildred Armah Reporter from East & Bays Courier

An Auckland man is spending hundreds of dollars a month on taxi fares to avoid damage to his car from chip seal.

All road controlling authorities in New Zealand use chip seals on low and medium volume roads and asphalt on high volume roads.

But residents of Ellerslie’s Michaels Ave, which was resurfaced in March, say stones get pulled off the road easily, damaging cars and endangering cyclists.

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Share your surprising finds with us...

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You've likely heard about the shoppers encountering those cheeky rodents in our local supermarkets around the country. Have you yourself stumbled across something unexpected while shopping?

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8 hours ago

It's MM Linens 10th Anniversary!!!


Hey Neighbours,

MM Linen have just dropped their 2024 Autumn/Winter collection whilst celebrating their 10th anniversary.

The collection is inspired by bright floral and dramatic botanicals and come in homeware and bedding.

(Our favourite is the Heidi which comes in duvet covers, aprons and kitchen tea towels).

10 hours ago