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Organic Tempeh (Sri's Tempeh)

Sri from Sri's Foods Ltd (Cuisines of Indonesia)

Hello Foodies🙋🏽‍♀️
Want that Authentic Tempeh made by an Indonesian who knows what Tempeh should look and taste like? Why not try Sri’s Tempeh. Lovingly crafted in small batches. Our Tempeh is Organic and is frozen with a shelf life of 1 year and is not “Pasteurised”. Once you have tasted mine – you will not regret! Why not enquire today.
Free Delivery Friday Auckland region, North up to Silverdale, South up to Papakura.
Minimum order 10 packs either Retail Packs 220g $4 Gst incl each or Catering Packs 500g $8.20 Gst incl each. We deliver nationwide.
Contact Sri 027 292 8118
Email: sri@srisfoods.co.nz


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Poll: What are the benefits of Kelsey Lanes A2 Milk?

Kelsey Lane Creamery

You might love milk, but it might not love you back. If you’re familiar with the bloating, cramps and other unpleasant things that milk and dairy products can cause, but you can’t give them up in your cuppa, cereal or smoothie, you should meet A2 milk.

Our cows live on lush pastures in Selwyn, Canterbury that is sustainably and naturally farmed, because we know happy cows make the best A2 milk.

Bring the clink of glass milk bottles back to your doorstep with fresh, delicious A2 milk delivered direct to your door – just like the way milk was.
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What are the benefits of Kelsey Lanes A2 Milk?
  • 7.1% Delivered right to your door
    7.1% Complete
  • 0% Arrives in glass bottles that we pick up, clean and reuse
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  • 0% Digestive Benefits
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  • 0% A2 only Pasteurised milk
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  • 92.9% All of the above
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