56 days ago

Draft Waste Management Minimisation Plan (WMMP) 2024

The Team from Auckland Council

📢 Aucklanders, it's time to share your thoughts on the new Draft Waste Management Minimisation Plan, including proposed changes to kerbside collections and weekly rubbish pickups. ♻️

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3 days ago

Poll: Does the building consent process need to change?

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

We definitely need homes that are fit to live in but there are often frustrations when it comes to getting consent to modify your own home.
Do you think changes need made to the current process for building consent? Share your thoughts below.

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Does the building consent process need to change?
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  • 8.2% No
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  • 0.3% Other - I'll share below!
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8 hours ago


Carissa from Papatoetoe

At 1.00pm today, I spotted a pile of brass screws at the intersection of Norman Spencer Drive and Cavendish Drive in the Eastbound lane outside Chipmunks that have now been scattered all over the road. I called it through to Auckland Transport. But be careful, they could be all the way along Cavendish by now. Check tyres tonight and in the morning.