101 days ago

Poll: Little pieces of architectural history...

Amanda from Amanda Evans_Barfoot & Thompson

I’m interested to find out more about your home.

Villa, bungalow or other?

Little pieces of architectural history...
  • 29.4% Villa
    29.4% Complete
  • 5.9% Transitional Villa
    5.9% Complete
  • 0% Arts & Crafts
    0% Complete
  • 0% Art Deco
    0% Complete
  • 38.2% Bungalow
    38.2% Complete
  • 5.9% Mid Century Modern
    5.9% Complete
  • 0% 1970's
    0% Complete
  • 5.9% 1980's
    5.9% Complete
  • 2.9% Post Modern/Modern
    2.9% Complete
  • 11.8% Other
    11.8% Complete
34 votes
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12 minutes ago

What's On: Composting Zoom Workshop

Kowhai from Birkdale

This online Zoom workshop offers an introduction to the three basic composting systems: traditional composting bins, worm farms and bokashi buckets. https://compostcollective.org.nz/events/composting-zoom-workshop-grey-lynn-4/
Composting Zoom Workshop
  • Zoom
1 hour ago

NZ's Three Waters Reform: What it means for Auckland

The Team from Auckland Council

Find out what NZ’s Three Waters Reform on drinking water, wastewater and stormwater means for Auckland and have your say by December 19.
ℹ️ To have your say, click on 'Read More'.

3 hours ago

Pioneering a new way to live in retirement

Logan Campbell Retirement Village

When you choose a Ryman village, you’re free to do more of the things you love. Free to live life your way, secure in the knowledge that help’s here if you need it.

You can embrace today. Without worrying about the lawns, or the rates. It’s another example of how we’re pioneering retirement living.