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Tools and equipment can be a big investment for a contractor or tradie

Alan Storage from Kiwi Self Storage - Ellerslie

Tools and equipment can be a big investment for a contractor or tradie. You need to keep your investment secure but at the same time have the right tools when you need them. You might be between jobs and your stuff is taking up room at home or in the workshop you could be using for something else.

Speaking of home, you neighbour's van was broken into last week and he lost his tools and a lot of materials that will take time to replace. Plus you cant park it outside your house anymore as your street looks like Wilson Parking.

Another issue is that you work on several different projects during the day and it takes a long time to drive back to base to pick up the materials and right tools for the next job.

Where Self Storage Comes In.

Kiwi self Storage has five storage facilities in Auckland and Wellington. Our facilities are secure, dry and conveniently located close to major highways or roads. There are several ways that renting a storage unit can be the right move for you:

- Your tools and business inventory is safely secured behind electric fences with coded gate entry and CCTV monitoring. No more worry about items left in your van or on site overnight.

- You can store at a facility that is centrally located compared to where you work, meaning you can easily come back to pick up more materials or tools during the day without wasting time in traffic.

- Easy access with undercover loading and unloading

- Have materials or items couriered to your unit (conditions apply)

- You have full control over access to your unit - you provide the padlock

- You can scale the unit size up or down at any time to match the needs of your business

- You can install shelving to make the most of your unit.

- After one month you are only charged on a daily basis. Simply provide notice if you wish to move out.

- Insurance available

To find out more contact us on 0800 58 57 56 to speak to our helpful staff. You can arrange to come in and discuss your needs with them and have a look around our facilities. Or have a look at our website and contact us for an easy quote.


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Shop Green🖼️

The Shop Manager from Red Cross Shop Onehunga

Hi Neighbours,

At Red Cross we have items which have been upcycled ♻️ or items which have the potential to.
Come in and visit our store, see what we’ve on our shop floor to spark your creative self.
Happy Green shopping, be mindful, be present and stay happily chill 💚💚💚