25 days ago

For sale

Suza from Tikipunga

Crockpot, and rice cooker. Both in good working order . Downsizing drastically
021318244. $5 each

Price: $5

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15 days ago

Antivaxer nonsense

David from Onerahi

Can anyone tell me who is responsible for delivering a pamphlet of mis-information, lies and distorted facts to the letterboxes of Onerahi?
Nowhere does anyone's name appear on the pamphlet or the website link.
This shameful nonsense should be stamped out, it is potentially putting people's lives at risk. We may be largely Covid free in NZ at the moment but that can change in as little as a few weeks.
Anyone receiving this pamphlet should refer to www.stuff.co.nz... for some accurate information instead of the lies spread by this flyer.

1 hour ago

A Personal Reason To Advocate Vaccination

Tel from Central Whangarei

My Father died last year because of Covid-19 but he did not die of the disease. He was living in the UK and was fit and healthy. Despite being 96 years old, he went for a 2km walk every day. Then he had a fall and needed hospital care. But the British Health Service was overwhelmed with Covid-19 cases and there was no bed for him. And so he died.

Over 150,000 people have died in UK of Covid-19 but that figure does not include the collateral damage. There were people like my Father for whom there was no emergency treatment, there were people whose operations were delayed and some people got sub-standard care. I don't blame the medical staff they were completely overwhelmed.

Sooner or later our borders will be breached and the community will be exposed to the virus. Those of us who have had the jab will be safe and those who are not vaccinated will be at risk. I'm not concerned with adults choosing to expose themselves to a disease with a 1% mortality, I'm concerned with the collateral damage. If the anti-vaxxers have their way there will be a lot of innocent people who will die - people who cannot have the vaccine and people who need medical care that is being used to treat Covid.

My Father died because his Government did not treat Covid-19 seriously. They didn't implement lockdown and they did not close their borders resulting in the highest infection rate in Europe. I don't want anyone here to die because of the poisonous lies of anti-vaxxers.

1 day ago

WINGS Pamper Day

The Team from WINGS

The most awaited Pamper Day is finally happening this May! YAY! 😍
Come indulge in a day of self love
Enjoy mini pampering treatments from head to toe.

Raffles with spot prizes, stalls selling awesome goodies, bakes and coffee and a lot more.

Bring a friend and come have fun and unwind at a ladies only day.

* $10 entry.

* $1 per pampering min with a max of 15 min per treatment.

* Women only (10+ years old)