118 days ago

Domestic batteries Recycling

Pragnesh from Aotea

Hello Neighbours. I have a bunch of AAA & AA & other domestic batteries and wondering what’s the best way to dispose them responsibly ideally somewhere where it’s recycled. Thank you.

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5 days ago

Poll: Do you support Wellington airport expanding?

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Supporters say it will bring more people and money to the region, and create room for updated aviation technology as it advances. Opponents say it will mean more noise, pollution and climate emissions while the rest of the city works to reduce them."
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Do you support Wellington airport expanding?
  • 75.1% Yes
    75.1% Complete
  • 24.9% No
    24.9% Complete
1068 votes
1 day ago

Recipe Books

Annette from Tawa

Was someone on here looking for recipe/cook books???

3 hours ago

In the Haus now...

The Team from Fusion Food Haus - German Asian Cafe & Grocery

How does Tom Yum Noodle Summer Roll (v), Tempeh Wrap with Red Cabbage Plum sauce (v), Brownie Spekulaas & Shiitake Humus Pie (v) sound? In the Haus now beside the Adobo Mince Pie. 🤔🤔🤔🤔 Should we do the Indonesian Lace Crepe today or tomorrow??