132 days ago

Battery recycling

Simone Borgstede from Wellington City Council

Did you know you can recycle your household batteries for free?
We have created seven drop-off stations around the city where you can take your batteries to be separated for re-use, recovery and re-processing.
The locations are:

πŸ“ Island Bay Community Centre
πŸ“ Karori Library
πŸ“ Kilbirnie Library
πŸ“ Newlands Community Centre
πŸ“ Tawa Community Centre
πŸ“ Te Awe Library (CBD)
πŸ“ Tip Shop at the Southern Landfill

Used batteries are no longer allowed in your kerbside rubbish as they can leach harmful chemicals into soil and waterways, so it’s important to keep them out of the landfill.

Head to our website for more information.

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2 days ago

Pet of the Day: Meet Murphy

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Tracy Watkins is the proud owner of Murphy.

"She loves chasing rabbits but while she’s never actually caught one it's good exercise for working off her other favourite thing, treats.
She also loves swimming in the creek on our lifestyle block and likes most things about country life (except cows which can be a bit intimidating). She also loves a lie in and is always the last one out of bed."
Remember if you want your pet featured on Neighbourly, email us on yourpet@dompost.co.nz with a recent photo. Please remember to say which suburb you live in.

3 days ago

Friday Feathered Friend

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Words and picture by Louise Thomas.
"So cool to see a bellbird (Anthornis melanura), aka korimako, today. I can't remember the last one I saw - possibly around Christmas time, when I snapped one in red mistletoe at Mt Ruapehu. My daughter actually spotted this guy. "Mum, look, what's that bird that looks like an almost ripe avocado with a beak."

11 days ago

Gardening & Lawn mowing

Mahinda from Woodridge

Need some one to do gardening & Lawn mowing in Newlands regular basis. Could you please contact me or recommend someone for the Job .