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Pet of the Day: Meet Grover

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Remember if you want your pet featured on Neighbourly, email us on yourpet@dompost.co.nz with a recent photo. Please remember to say what suburb you are from.
This week we feature Grover who belongs to Jeremy Brabant. "This is Grover who lives in Paraparaumu Beach and loves posing for the camera."

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What's On: IN THE FOG Germany 2012

David from Brooklyn

Sergey Loznitsa's intense, slow-burning war drama considers moral choice in the moral vacuum of occupation. “Actors and landscapes alike could have come out of 19th-century Russian paintings.” –Sight&Sound. Details: https://filmsocietywellington.net.nz/
IN THE FOG Germany 2012
  • Embassy Grand
2 hours ago

We Say/You Say: Pokie Machines

Thomas Campbell Reporter from Upper Hutt Leader

Hi Upper Hutt,

Should pokie machines be outlawed?

A city councillor has put forward a policy to ban new permits for pokie machines in Wellington City.

Councillor Tamatha Paul, representing the Lambton Ward, is pushing for a 'sinking lid' policy to all but cease new permits for pokie machines in the city. The motion has widespread support across the council table and is set to pass this Thursday.

New Zealanders lost $939 million in pokie machines in 2019 and $241m of that was paid out to community and sports groups. Between 30 and 60 per cent of money going into pokie machines was from problem gamblers and much of that came from low socio-economic communities, a paper by Problem Gambling Foundation said.

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3 hours ago

Wellington teen with type 1 diabetes raises thousands

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Upper Hutt teenager Brianna Veale has turned her frustration with uninformed comments about her type 1 diabetes into action, awareness and money.
The 14-year-old raised nearly $3000 for Diabetes Youth Wellington, selling more than 120 tickets to a pool party at the Upper Hutt Aquatic Centre on Friday.
Her efforts were bolstered by donations from local businesses and the Silverstream Lions club which agreed to match ticket sales.
The Upper Hutt Cossie Club also presented Brianna with a cheque for $5288.44 after it approved a grant to Diabetes Youth Wellington.