17 days ago

We Say/You Say: Anzac Day

Thomas Campbell Reporter from The Bay Chronicle

Hi neighbours,

How are you commemorating Anzac Day? What stories have been passed down through your whānau?

April 25 marks the 106-year anniversary of the Gallipoli landings, one of the most costly campaigns for the Allied Forces during World War I.

Anzac dawn and commemorative services up and down the country are scheduled to get underway after widespread cancellations last year, due to the nation being under Alert Level 4 restrictions.

The NZDF have advised of a reduced presence of military personnel at Anzac services due to deployment at MIQ facilities.

You can check out where the Anzac day services are on this interactive map on the RSA website.

Feel free and share your stories below and don't forget to type NFP if you don't want your comments used in the The Bay Chronicle.

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5 days ago

Have you been able to book a Covid-19 vaccine appointment?

Denise Piper Reporter from Northern News

A plan to offer Covid-19 vaccines to everyone over 50 in Northland has been called “a shambles”, as those over 75, who should have been high priority, cannot get a booking to get their dose. Last week, Northland District Health Board decided to buck Ministry of Health recommendations and open up its vaccine clinics to all over-50s. But with 73,000 Northlanders in this age group, it has been overwhelmed with demand, receiving an average of 50 calls an hour and more than 2000 emails to book an appointment. Have you had the same problems, or have you been able to book a vaccine appointment?

20 hours ago

Thank you !

Mike from Kaitaia-Mangonui

Hi ... would like to thank the staff at the Kaitaia Hospital Covid vaccination centre, we got an appointment by calling the 0800 (YES the number was busy), went there on Tuesday, got the shots, no issues at all and went back home happy!

No thanks however to the older person who while we were all waiting in line (only limited number of people "fit" into the room!) went right to the start of the queue and started arguing with the staff about being let in without an appointment.

As we were just a couple of meters away from the entrance we did overhear her arguing.

She claimed she couldnt get an appointment because the 0800 number was always busy and that she is not willing to / could not wait in the queue for "walk ins" as she travelled quite a distance to come to Kaitaia to get vaccinated.

Well my dear woman why do you think there was a line of people who had an appointment? Because these people were patient and might have tried more than once calling the 0800 number ! And why was there another line of people without an appointment waiting patiently (having made time to wait, probably realised that they might not be the only ones without an appointment) for their turn and were willing to wait? Right because we are "all in for that" !

But No ! You had to ignore all this and walk straight to the top and then you had to argue with the staff (who were only "doing their VERY GOOD job") , completely ignoring the fact that you did not have any "right" or reason to be treated differently.

Not even acknowledging all people around yourself, not even given a reason to them for walking up to the top and requesting to be accepted without an appointment ....

Have you realised how blessed we are here in NZ (and you in particular) being able to get the vaccination by just calling a phone number and showing a bit of patience?

If you want to know how it works in other countries watch the news about India. Try there to jump the queue!

Thank all of you at K town hospital and at the vaccination center, you are doing great job.

Cheers Mike