53 days ago

Food scraps rubbish bin

Jeanette from Bellevue

Regarding the council's new rubbish collection system, coming up this year, does anyone know if we can decline to have the food scraps bin because we already have compost and a worm farm? Thank you.

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15 minutes ago

Heat transfer system

Bronwyn from Welcome Bay

I would like someone to in stall a heat transfer system. Only two rooms to connect thanks

27 minutes ago


Debbie from Bellevue

Hi there is there anyone out there that would like to swap my small fishtank with a slightly bigger one I have 3 fish but I think the fish tank is getting way too small now

Mine measures 31cm x 31cm

Good size for a child to take over

28 minutes ago

Agrichemical use in the city and the forum that advises TCC

Anne from Mount Maunganui

To help maintain the environment we enjoy, in 2009 Tauranga City Council (TCC) adopted a formal policy entitled “Use of Toxic Agrichemicals for Vegetation Management”.

This policy instigated the formation of the Toxic Agrichemicals Advisory Forum (TAAF) which is a forum of interested and knowledgeable people who can assist the TCC in their determination of acceptable toxic agrichemicals and their circumstances of use on council maintained land.

TAAF invites a mix of people with training, skills, practical knowledge
and/or demonstrated interest in environmental issues, particularly use of agrichemicals to participate in forum deliberations.

Formal qualifications are advantageous but not an essential requirement. Membership is voluntary and is not remunerated.

Meetings are held monthly

To register interest email billmyhill141@gmail.com