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Noah raises funds for Child Cancer

The Team Reporter from Taupō Times

Noah Martin might share a name with a biblical figure associated with a big boat but around Hilltop Primary School it’s his big - or long - hair that makes him stand out.
For three years he has been growing his locks specifically to donate them to help children with cancer.
The hair will go to Wigs 4 Kids while a donation page he set up on the Child Cancer Foundation website was rapidly approaching his $1000 goal within 24 hours of being set up on September 14 - a goal that had been revised upwards twice.

“I started at $250 and then I doubled it to $500, I smashed it, so I doubled it to $1000.”

The time had now come to chop the now waist-length locks, said his mother Victoria Munton - with the pair setting the date for the second to last day of the school term.

While Martin said he was thinking of a cut he’d like, Munton said Wigs 4 Kids wanted bunches at least 20 cm in length.

“He’s hoping not to go bald with it, put it that way. He wants to have some hair left.

Eleven year old Martin was inspired not by anyone he knew, he said, but by the book ‘101 Ways to Change the World’ which he read when he was eight.

The challenge had been too much of a hassle, he said, apart from having to tie it up during certain activities at school and minor teasing from the odd person who didn’t know of his personal goal.

“I have had no hassles from my friends.”

Munton could testify to his dedication

“He actually had the goal that he wanted the hair to reach his waist and over the last three years he literally wouldn’t let me near it with any sort of cutting implement. He’s actually instigated all this himself.”

Martin said he hadn’t yet worked out his next feat contributing to positive change.

“We’ll wait and see.”

In the meantime he was mentally preparing himself for a cool feeling around his ears on September 30 and for a few Hilltop students to be whispering “who’s the new kid?”

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What's On: U3A Taupo

Shirley from Nukuhau

Next meeting 8 Feb 2022, Rotary House, 10 AM. Speakers Dave Upton and Wendy Fuller previous information officers on cruise ships.
U3A Taupo
  • Rotary House
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