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Bells Palsy

Rebecca from West Auckland Medical Acupuncture & Remedial Massage

Notice that you have a more pale face than usual?
Does part of your face not move as it should your mouth, eyebrows or cheeks? Are you in pain?
We have been treating this a lot in our clinic recently. It can be chronic or acute. Usually 9-12 sessions clears it (and can help with a range of other things that improve immunity too.
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Lest we forget...

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

On this ANZAC Day, let's take a moment to remember and honor the brave men and women who have served and continue to serve our country.

Tell us who are you honouring today. Whether it's a story from the battlefield or a memory of a family member who fought in the war, we'd love you to share your stories below.

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Poll: Does the building consent process need to change?

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

We definitely need homes that are fit to live in but there are often frustrations when it comes to getting consent to modify your own home.
Do you think changes need made to the current process for building consent? Share your thoughts below.

Type 'Not For Print' if you wish your comments to be excluded from the Conversations column of your local paper.

Does the building consent process need to change?
  • 91.5% Yes
    91.5% Complete
  • 8.2% No
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  • 0.3% Other - I'll share below!
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Open Homes

Nicky Horsbrough - Harcourts Helensville

🏑 Open Homes - Sunday 28 April

πŸ“ 357 McLachlan Road, Kaukapakapa at 11:00am
πŸ“ 23 Kawaupaka Road, Kaukapakapa at 11:45am
πŸ“ 279 Peak Road, Kaukapakapa at 12:15pm
πŸ“ 9 Empressa Heights, Helensville at 1:00pm
πŸ“ 4 Rautawhiri Road, Helensville at 1:30pm
πŸ“ 1a Captain Street, Helensville at 2:00pm
πŸ“ 36 Parakai Avenue, Parakai at 2:45pm
πŸ“ 230 Taupaki Road, Taupaki at 3:45pm

πŸ’» Head to my website for more details: harcourts.net...