49 days ago

Police Issue 68 Infringement Notices: Gang Motorcycle Run

Caryn Wilkinson Reporter from Community News

Police handed out 68 infringement notices at a Hells Angels Nomads motorbike ride on Saturday.

Some members of the Head Hunters and Tribesmen joined the cavalcade, police said.

Officers set up checkpoints along the ride and issued tickets for a variety of offences.

Two unlicensed drivers were forbidden from driving and five people had their licences suspended because of excess demerit points.

Eighteen vehicles were taken off the road because they failed to be roadworthy.

One man was arrested on unrelated family harm matters.

Inspector Simon Walker said police wanted to thank the community for reporting dangerous driving.

"This operation sends a clear message to gangs that unsafe behaviour on our roads will not be tolerated by police and our community."

Call 105 to report driving offences.

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