53 days ago

Seeking typist with community passion

Hannah Cunningham from Volunteer Marlborough

Are you a quick typist and interested in supporting local community organisations from behind the scenes?
Have you considered volunteering as a Board Secretary? In this role, you will attend monthly board meetings and take meeting minutes (notes), then send out the minutes after the meeting to all board members, and compile the agenda for the next meeting.

This role is expected to take 1 - 2 hours of your time per month.

Interested? Choose from Selmes Garden Trust, Volunteer Marlborough, or Marlborough Parents Centre.

For full info, click the 'read more' button below.

Alternatively, send us a message, call 03 577 9388, email vm@volunteermarlborough.org.nz, or book an appointment online via our main Facebook page

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4 days ago

How often do you use the yellow pages?

The Team Reporter from Marlborough Express

Yellow Pages are being delivered tomorrow. Are they a valuable resource in your home, or a handy doorstop?
Let us know what you do with them.
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3 days ago

Prospa National Winner - Bossman Dairy - Creagh St Store!


Jazz and his family are proud to be serving their customers and the local community!

Jazz loves being a Kiwi and greets every customer into his shop with a broad grin. A friendly smile, a positive can-do attitude and is passionate about running his store. That’s Jazz's simple but effective recipe for success running a local business.

Jazz and his family operate Bossman Dairy - Creagh St Store and are hailed as the “ultimate friendly shopkeepers” by his customers. Now Jazz has been recognised for his dedication to the community by being named the country’s National Winner in the Prospa Local Business Hero Awards. Jazz and his family are the proud winners of a prize package worth $10,000!

Nomination Quote - Jazz and his family - Bossman Dairy - Creagh St Store
"Every member of this family who serves in the shop are very friendly, helpful and always smiling. They get to know all their customers and I have never walked into a shop that makes you feel so welcome. During our first lockdown for Covid, they put food such as milk, bread, out for people who may need it free of charge."

3 days ago

Would you, or do you already, make your own dog poo compost?

The Team Reporter from Marlborough Express

The Earth Day Picnic is happening this Sunday at Pollard Park, with many free workshops taking place, including one on composting for beginners and making your own dog poo compost.
Are you going along, and which workshop interests you the most?
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