1410 days ago

Team New Zealand

Louise Allen from Louise Allen Real Estate Marketing Consultant LJ Hooker

Many congratulations to all members of Team New Zealand. A great win which was well deserved!

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6 hours ago

Great weather for drying curtains!

Robert Anderson from Curtain Clean Palmerston North

The weather this week has been perfect for getting these curtains dry and back home nice and quickly!

9 hours ago

Traffic at kidney shape roundabout

Quinton from Milson

Has anyone else experienced the major traffic backing up on both Gilespie and Tremaine coming into town? Its like our city exploded with traffic. I think the council might need to think of alternative traffic management there as they constantly need to patch holes there too.

17 hours ago

Poll: Which is your preferred method of inducing sleep?

Beds 4 U Palmerston North

Choose an option below, or if not listed in the options then comment below what your routine is before going to bed to get a good night's sleep!

Which is your preferred method of inducing sleep?
  • 27% Listen to soothing music
    27% Complete
  • 57.1% Read a book
    57.1% Complete
  • 7.9% Meditate
    7.9% Complete
  • 7.9% Have a cup of chamomile tea
    7.9% Complete
63 votes