27 days ago

750 new builds in Nelson

Pene from Stoke

Well, in this mornings news they have stated that they want to build 750 homes in Nelson. What a flippen joke. Not against new homes but w here is the infrastructure to accommodate an increase of population. They also said it might get a little more busy, or words to that affect. Now I know for sure that this tin pot town is down the tubes. We need a decent mayor in power and not one that is more concerned about image and smiling nicely at the camera. Oh Nelson is a lovely town, maybe once upon a time but give it a couple of years with this lot in power and it will be bedlam trying to get anywhere. Oh but we have a 40 mill library, well whippy. 😡

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4 hours ago

A new way to live

Ryman Healthcare Limited

It’s a time for fine-tuning your skills and pushing the boundaries, catching up with your mates and heading off on new adventures at the drop of a hat! No, we’re not talking about your 20s, we’re talking about your retirement.

Ross’ retirement saw the beginning of his musical journey where his passion quickly evolved from making music, to crafting guitars. It all started when Ross and some mates joined a music group where the camaraderie and togetherness were just as important as the music.

Living in a Ryman village, Ross can continue living life to the full in his retirement because they are places where you don’t retire from life, you find a new way to live .
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5 hours ago

1/2 price winter warmers.

The Team from Red Cross Shop Stoke

It’s finally here.

At the Red Cross in Stoke we have all our coats, hats, gloves, scarves at 1/2 price until Saturday to help keep you warm.

See you soon where are friendly staff will be more than happy to help you with your choices.

9 hours ago

Put another log on the fire

Chris Soutar from Soutar-able Glass

It is definitely getting colder,time to Stoke up the fire and enjoy the warmth of the heat trapped inside with your new double glazing from Soutar-able glass.
Consider double glazing for a warmer dryer home,save on power and fire wood.
I can retro double glaze your home,wood or aluminum. For a free quote call Chris 021642428.
Also broken Windows, showers,mirrors, splash backs,lead lights,dog and cat doors installed plus more