82 days ago

Rock Painting classes with Cynthia

Marcia from The Wood

Such a great idea for families to play together and as a birthday art class or for a special occassion
Rock Painting
Cynthia was inspired by a local rock artist to start painting rocks as a hobby and it has turned into so much more. Her house is often full of people painting rocks and discovering talent that they didn’t even know they had.She loves to facilitate classes for children, teens or adults and will provide everything you need to have a good play. You can bring rocks if you have special ones you’d like to work with. She teaches in 2-hour blocks and the last 30 minutes are for spraying and drying your projects. Children’s groups are limited to 4 who must be accompanied by an adult. Sessions are $115 for 2-3 and $140 for 4-5.
For further information look up this website www.cynthiapratthealth.com...

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1 day ago

750 new builds in Nelson

Pene from Stoke

Well, in this mornings news they have stated that they want to build 750 homes in Nelson. What a flippen joke. Not against new homes but w here is the infrastructure to accommodate an increase of population. They also said it might get a little more busy, or words to that affect. Now I know for sure that this tin pot town is down the tubes. We need a decent mayor in power and not one that is more concerned about image and smiling nicely at the camera. Oh Nelson is a lovely town, maybe once upon a time but give it a couple of years with this lot in power and it will be bedlam trying to get anywhere. Oh but we have a 40 mill library, well whippy. 😡

5 days ago

House bricks

Sean from Toi Toi - Washington Valley

I need four house bricks to repair a hole in the wall of my house. They are proving hard to find... 230x75mm or close. Colour is not an issue - not compared to the hole anyway ;-)

4 days ago

Would you want a final goodbye with an animal you had helped?

Carly Gooch Reporter from The Nelson Mail

Jen Trow earned the trust of Charlie the stray, black cat before taking him to the vet. Thankfully, Charlie was microchipped but Jen would have loved one last cuddle with the cat and to have met his family. Have you ever helped an animal for some time before finding its home?