38 days ago

Window touch ups

Chris Soutar from Soutar-able Glass

Are your windows tired,
You might be thinking of repainting,thats a good time to replace the old putty that is cracked and falling out,
Maybe the glass is cracked or broken and in need of repair,
Or maybe the house is a wee bit chilly and you want to up grade to double glazing for a more cozy home.
What ever your needs call Chris for a free measure quote or advice 021642428.
Friendly service ,high standard of work man ship and competitive rates

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2 days ago

Wee long haired dashund shown up at my doorstep.

Geoff from Richmond

Hi out there does anyone know who this dog belongs too? He's safe and sound in my backyard with my friendly pooches (they're actually all having a great time). Please contact me on 0274677066 if you know or you are the owner. Thanks

2 hours ago


Deb from Richmond

Oh Yes ๐Ÿ‘

7 days ago

Covid Vaccine

Alan from Nelson

People who are refusing to be vaccinated cannot have lived in the time of polio. My childhood was in a residential area of about 200 families and three children had polio. To see a child's life afflicted with the polio virus unable to use their arms or legs with symptoms similar to cerebral palsy, is incredibly sad and tragic for the whole family. Were it not for the polio vaccine there would be many, many thousands of children and adults so afflicted today, possibly even family members of these people now refusing to be vaccinated. Please reflect, and all help each other by getting vaccinated.