32 days ago

Dispatch from Jerusalem magazine now available

Elizabeth Mather from Bridges For Peace New Zealand

If you would like a hardcopy of the latest Dispatch from Jerusalem magazine please DM your name and postal address.

Moadim L’simcha
Happy Sukkoth!
(Feast of Tabernacles and Feast of Booths)
Chag Semeach!


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Change one young life today

Variety – the Children’s Charity

Every day, in neighbourhoods across New Zealand, 1 in 5 Kiwi kids are missing out on the essentials and opportunities they need to thrive.

Hundreds of children are waiting to be connected with a sponsor. For just $50 a month, you can make a meaningful difference by giving a child access to essentials like clothing, bedding, shoes and stationery, as well as the opportunity to attend school trips. Become a Kiwi Kid Sponsor and change a child's life today.
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10 hours ago

Our " Traffic light "system is going to fail us unless we get boosters

Brian from Cambridge

England and Singapore the 2 poster children trotted out to show that opening up is wonderful has ended up like it always would. Since the vaccine lowers to less than 40% effective after 5 months this was a forgone conclusion.
Now Russia has closed all shops including petrol stations apart from supermarkets and pharmacies.
USA are administering and Europe are starting to consider third doses or in the cases of J&J and Moderns, second shots, as boosters.
A recent study has shown 95% effective vs the coronavirus when compared to a vaccinated group that did not get the third shot.

This article shows a sobering view of what NZ will go through best case scenario

And worse case Scenario. www.stuff.co.nz...