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🐈❤️Meet our Cattery Nurse - Danika🐈❤️

Michelle from Hamilton Small Animal Veterinary Centre

The wonderful Danika who runs our boarding Cattery is a Registered Veterinary Nurse so has all the knowledge to take care of the health and well-being of your feline companions, which she looks after and pampers as if they were her own.

She keeps the high standards of hygiene in the cattery and provides the safest and healthiest environment for the duration of their stay. No request is too big or too small.

Danika is more than happy to keep intouch with you while you are away and update you with photos and emails on how your fur family member is doing. They even receive a ‘Report Card’ when they go home!

Just request for Danika to keep you updated on your furry feline at reception on the day of check in.

💕They will be in Safe and Caring Hands💕


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We Say/You Say: MMP

Thomas Campbell Reporter from Hamilton Press

Hi Hamilton,

Would you support the introduction of MMP to local body elections?

A former Labour minister has called on the government to implement MMP as the voting system for local body elections in a bid to 'fix' local government.

Peter Neilson, an economist, is a former Labour MP for Miramar, a Minister of Revenue, Works and Associate Minister of Finance. Neilson explains how MMP could have a positive impact on civic participation after data from Internal Affairs showed a decline in voter turnout.

Around four out of 10 New Zealanders on the electoral role turned out to vote in the last set of local elections. In comparison, around seven or eight out 10 voted in the general election last year.

Share your thoughts below and don't forget to type NFP if you don't want your comment featured in the Hamilton Press.

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Missing Posts

Jeff from Saint Andrews

Neighbourly is looking too boring, where are the Council & Government Posts from the good Neighbourly people? Neighbourly needs to have these posts so we all can voice our peace on them. Please put them back in the system.