81 days ago

❤️Heart Month ❤️

Michelle from Hamilton Small Animal Veterinary Centre

February is Heart Awareness Month for us humans but did you know your pets can have heart disease too? 🐕‍🦺🐈

They can either be born with congenital abnormalities or develop problems with age. You may notice changes in your pets breathing rate and effort at home, or they may not be as energetic and become more tired when exercising.🩺❤️

The best thing you can do to keep an eye on you pets heart is to have a veterinarian listen to their chest on a yearly basis at their annual vaccination, or if you notice any of these changes at home then give us a call.🩺❤️

If we hear any irregularity in the exam we may advice further tests such as X-rays or an echocardiogram to assess the structure of the heart.🩺❤️

There are medications and modifications we can make if we do find any issues with their heart, which can improve their quality of life and longevity.

Heart checks are a crucial part of our job as animals cannot tell us when they don’t feel well.

❤️🥰So not only look after your heart but your pets as well, remember they love you with all of it!🥰❤️

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9 hours ago

Does NZ want two government rule?

Paul from Queenwood

To those of you who saw my post earlier today and wonder where it has disappeared. Alvina Edwards reported it, and Neighbourly removed the post as it was deemed "not local".
I would have thought democratic issues that affect our local government, water ownership, health etc are very local and very relevant today. Unfortunately Neighbourly doesn't want the discussion to take place.

10 hours ago

Painting dark colors

Adam from Adam's Painting

Its popular to paint exterior houses black. The concern that black attracts the heat and breaks down quicker is easily managed by using Resene cool colors. You have to paint the primer in white, but that's followed by a dark color in cool colors removing any extra heat concern.
Here's a job we did in Gordonton using Resene Foundry in cool colour.