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1 day ago

Moving and Delivery Services

Devan from Smart Express Hamilton

From our Smart Express family to yours. Introducing our father and son team. Ganesh, Shaun and Justin. The team is always ready to provide a great service with a friendly smile.

1 hour ago

Malicious email impersonating NZ Post circulating

The Team from

New Zealand Post have published a warning to customers after several variations of a scam email were reported over the past 24 hours.

The email - while appearing legitimate - asks to correct personal details because of a failed parcel delivery.

The email directs the recipient to 'schedule a new delivery'. If any individual has received these emails, NZ Post has advised to delete it immediately.

For more information on the scam, please see the NZ Post's Cyber Security Alerts page.

More to come.

3 hours ago

Healthy thought swaps around food + Royal Sandwich Biscuits 🍪 ⠀

Naturally Healthy

Do you know what I love? A biscuit in a cup of tea.⠀
Do you know what I love even more? ⠀
Two biscuits sandwiched together with chocolate filling in a cup of tea. ☕️ ⠀
Specific, I know.⠀
If you’re keen for my favourite yummy biscuit recipe and want to read more on how to depollute your thinking with healthy thought swaps around food, you can read more on the blog