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Manawatu Walking Festival has new walks

Walking New Zealand

Come and spend a weekend in Palmerston North for the 7th Manawatu Walking Festival from 5-7 March 2021.

Choose from eleven guided walks, including sunset, farm, country, river, sculpture, historic, mountain views, etc

Exciting walks to suit all ages and fitness types

Hosted by experienced tramping guides, historians, conservationists, story-tellers and photographers.

For more info go to www.mwf.org.nz.

Numbers are limited. Bookings are essential.
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More messages from your neighbours
1 hour ago

Do you own a rental property? Are you a tenant?

Quinton from Milson

Hi Neighbours,

I'd like to find out who on here owns a rental property?

How are you coping with the new laws thats been released?

How are you maintaining your property?

Is the home to the new "healthy home" standard?

Do you care who you have as tenants in your home?

Are you a tenant? Is your landlord nice? Rent affordable? How much are you paying and what do you rent?

Really keen on hearing what the general consensus is out there?

8 hours ago

Is that a teahouse on Stewart Island?

Mei Leng Wong Reporter from NZ Gardener & Get Growing

Why yes it is, and it's also a man cave, a shed, and a builder/engineer's retirement project. Little wonder Allan Jones' quirky build is a runner-up in the 2021 Resene Shed of the Year competition run by NZ Gardener.

11 hours ago

Accessing neughbour outside my neighbourhood

Ria from Bulls - Sanson

Hi, I have been trying to contact someone outside my neighborhood to buy 2 beds which he is advertising. It keeps coming up I am unable to contact him via email because he is outside my neighbourhood. He is in the Milson neighborhood, I have changed my settings but it still keeps coming up with same message. So, Kevin Bromley if you see this I am keen to contact you about those beds.