288 days ago

Poll: New ramp at council building to increase security

Maxine Jacobs Reporter from Manawatū Standard

Mōrena kiritata,

Palmerston North City Council is turning its public entrance from The Square into a staff only and disabilities entrance to increase security after the Christchurch terror attacks last year.

The council forked out $64,000 on the changes following advice from an independent security review, even though there's been no incidents of people wandering into the building from the street causing problems.

Is this a good use of money?

New ramp at council building to increase security
  • 12.7% Yes, preparations need to be in place.
    12.7% Complete
  • 69.5% No, it's excessive.
    69.5% Complete
  • 17.8% Maybe, if the review said it's a good idea there must be relevant concerns.
    17.8% Complete
118 votes
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