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Happy New Year

Daniel from ITstuff[ed]

Happy New Year!

We are back - We have had a couple of weeks to recharge our energy, reflect on 2020, and put a plan of action together to reach our goals for 2021.

2020 was a challenging year. It seemed to be going on for much longer than 365 days. However, my reflections over the last weeks have reminded me that 2020 has had many positive facets.
I thought I'd share the up and downs of 2020 with you:

At the beginning of the year, we built up a very strong customer base in and around Christchurch. We managed to find and provide the right service at the right price for businesses and home users and were able to grow rapidly. We started putting plans in place to hire new staff.

All of a sudden, just before lockdown in March, it started to look very dire for ITstuff[ed]. We invested a lot of time and effort to come up with the right solution for our newly gained customers. Some, unfortunately, weren't sure about their future; contracts were put on hold or cancelled altogether. It was a difficult time to get motivated and keep going.

During the lockdown, we strived to support and work in with businesses we were looking after. For us to see our work making a real difference for our customers brought back the fire inside to keep going.
We were also deemed an essential service. We managed to get through the lockdown by supporting and with the support of our families and community.
Thank you @switchespresso @newbrightonmuseum @extremecarpetcleaning

After lockdown, it was time to reassess and readjust. With the learnings, we redefined our services. We started taking on new and larger clients. We helped many businesses to transition to a remotely accessible workplace in Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. We put e-commerce solutions in place. We got homes ready to access faster internet - so people can do work efficiently and watch streaming services. We started working with many community organisations. We were very lucky that we were able to support causes we believed in, for example, @xchch and @specialchildrenschristmasparty

This is one of my fondest memory of 2020: Businesses that we supported through difficult months started to thrive again. They did not start to thrive just because of us but I'd like to think that we had something to do with it.

In September we picked up from where we had left off before lockdown. We hired Jayden, who also lives on the east side of Christchurch - we were incredibly lucky to have found the perfect person for the job. You will see more of Jayden on here soon too.

Thank you, Lisa, from @socialcurrency for your support in this process.

The remaining months of 2020, we kept chipping away at contracts that we had picked up over the last few months, completing most of them before Christmas. (Apologies Martha and Emily at the @NBproject, we will get you up and running first thing when you are back from your well deserved holiday, first thing in 2021.)

For the final weeks of the year, we managed to find some time to review and streamline our internal processes and to gain some more clarity.

What 2020 has shown me is, that we as a community in Christchurch are very strong. We care about each other; We care about you as a person and we care about the businesses we support. We are very fortunate to be able to express our sense of caring by looking after you, your computers and IT systems.

For 2021, personally and as a business, we endeavour to grow further, create more opportunity for other people to help us grow and grow with us.

We hope you had a wonderful time over the holiday season, got a chance to reflect and got some goals set for yourself

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Carolyn Faye from Linwood

For Xmas , (new) neighbors bought their children a trampoline which they placed near the border fence only a metre from our lounge/living space kitchen. A great gift for children, but a nightmare for us. Their section is not huge so anywhere on that section would be noisy. Children's noises are one thing but noisy play equipment is another. Our home is no longer a place of Peace and Rest, with the continual 'bounce' , 'bounce' any time , morning, noon, evening. Even when quiet, one is in a state of anxiety not knowing when the next bounce will continue again. Myself and friends and boarder are mainly elderly so are more acutely in need of rest and quiet. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Smart Christchurch Innovation Expo

Christchurch City Council

Join us on 20/21 February at our city’s brand new Convention Centre, Te Pae, to experience a new and exciting world where anything is possible. From climate change initiatives to robotics, gaming and virtual reality. Come explore what’s now available, and in the future.

This exciting free two-day event will give you and your whānau the opportunity to discover more than 100 interactive exhibitors.

Get your free tickets now.

There’s something for everyone, and we want to see you there.
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Thank you!!

Gill from North New Brighton

A big thank you to everyone who donated blankets to Dogwatch 🐶❤️🐶
I have dropped them off and they were very much needed and appreciated!!