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HOMED Saturday 20th February

Julia Gailey Reporter from Homed - The Press

What's your favorite Canterbury property from this week's issue of HOMED?
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Drivers beware: Police to start issuing fines from red light cameras in Christchurch

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

Three red light cameras will be switched on later this year to catch motorists illegally running through intersections in Christchurch.

A red light camera was installed at the intersection of Bealey Ave and Madras St in 2018, but it had only been used to collect data and no infringements had been issued from it.

A Christchurch City Council spokesman said two more red light cameras would be installed in the third quarter of this year: one at the intersection of Manchester St, Pilgrim Pl and Moorhouse Ave, and the other at the intersection of Gasson St, Madras St and Moorhouse Ave.

Infringements would start being issued from all three cameras after the new ones were installed, a police spokesperson said.

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45 minutes ago

Bicycle seen in park

Warwick from Avonside - Dallington

Anybody lost an older style Blue 10 speed bicycle, if so it may be found east of the Burwood Park Tennis Court on top of a pile of Dirt

2 hours ago

Cardiovascular Risk Screening

Katrina from Health Screening New Zealand

In New Zealand, Cardiovascular disease kills one person every 90 minutes. Cardiovascular disease and stroke is the number 1 cause of death in NZ with 1 in 20 adults diagnosed.

Most of us do not even know that we have cardiovascular disease, but it is predictable and in most cases it is preventable.

After years of research and development we are excited to present Cardiaction— a heart screening process and app that displays and explains your heart screening results and provides educational information on the importance of improving these metrics for better heart health.

The fundamental component of Cardiaction involves a pulse wave analysis (PWA) test which can determine your risk factors for heart disease and is undertaken by one of our expert screeners. This is pain free, non-invasive and the results are available in minutes.

After your PWA test, our friendly screener will explain your results and assess your potential risk of cardiovascular disease as well as showing you how to use Cardiaction to improve your heart and artery health—all with personalised recommendations. If your results are serious Health Screening NZ will refer you to your GP or a cardiologist and you will be able to share your PWA results with them.

Health Screening NZ is currently offering these cutting-edge PWA heart screenings in select Christchurch pharmacies in Rolleston, Ilam and New Brighton. Simply book through our website and attend your appointment in the location which is easiest for you.