38 days ago

Introduction to 'simply music' piano

Dee from Cambridge

An introduction and demonstration of the 'Simply Music' keyboard programme.

Simply Music Piano introduces a revolutionary, 'playing-based' methodology. It introduces students to an array of unique concepts that unfold directly onto the keyboard.

Registration required www.waipalibraries.org.nz.... Small group class.

Instruction and demonstration provided by Ray Nelson, Ignite Arts Academy.

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6 hours ago


Douglas from Leamington

I have just heard on RNZ the reason why there is a lot of talk "doing the rounds" about the next challenge being held overseas and I cannot believe my ears!!

Team NZ had been offered $100million towards their next challenge but their greed has got in front of them. Can you believe they said "not enough" and wanted $200million!!!!

Well, for my money Team NZ, hop in your boat and sail away. There are many, many important sports and charities that are desperate for monetary support, and they have to rely on handouts from business plus family member support. I think it is time to take that money "off the ocean" and bring it back on land where the need for daily life support is huge. You have had a good run chaps and $200million is simply over the top. I am going to get growled at from some quarters but I don't care anymore. Let me give you just one example of need. On average we lose 650 men to prostate cancer every year and we at the Prostate Cancer Foundation have to battle on managing the "out of hospital" causes, effects, and conditions of this unruly disease without any Government support!! 3500 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer annually in this country and we have to stop this human carnage. I am in remission from prostate cancer (three years now) and I intend to show my gratitude by working to get the message out to men, their partners, and families that regular testing from the age of 50 is the way to put the pressure on this disease, thus improving the survival chances of that family member should the bug come to visit.

So sorry sailors, your absolute greed has got me wound up and you need to rethink your program. There will never be enough money for health, but we certainly need to take care of what little we have.

To provide another perspective, $200million could provide up to 400 houses in a very needy housing market for first home buyers, or social housing programs, whatever. And, it would become a part of a continuous cycle as the home purchasers gained equity in their properties and the original monies were again made available for another round of home developments, rather than a good slice of it simply sailing over the horizon to be remembered but never seen again.

Kind regards and best wishes as the "war of words" commences.