65 days ago

Breath free with 3D MASK GUARD also on tradme new model

Mike from Murrays Bay

Breath easy with Mask guard/bracket.

2021 new model with wings to hold secure within the mask.

Prepare for your hot summer days with a cool mask guard

Put a 3D mask guard on your mask and create space between you and the mask. you can breathe and talk freely with comfort.

good for students, school teachers, office workers, hospital, working outside in the hot day, any all-day workers with masks etc...

cool effect and easy talking and breathing with the mask on.

* Infinite use time

* Easy breath and talking

* Cooling effect during hot days(get ready for summer)

* Keeps your mask clean against makeup and lipstick

* Water washable * Flexible and comfortable

* EU/FDA approved SAFE material

only black colour available

fits with any mask and size

Delivery within 5 working days.

1pcs $5+ freight $5 = $10

2pcs $8 + freigh $5 = $13

4pcs $12 + freight $5 = $17

10pcs $28 + freight $5 =$33

Price: $5

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Do you have a great eggplant recipe?

Mei Leng Wong Reporter from NZ Gardener & Get Growing

Dear neighbours,

Every month, NZ Gardener runs a series of tested reader recipes using a seasonal crop. We are now on the hunt for eggplant recipes, so send your best ones to mailbox@nzgardener.co.nz before January 30, 2022.

Every published recipe wins a copy of our special edition Homegrown Recipes.

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Sign up for Quick Charge - our new EV newsletter

The Team Reporter from Stuff

Electrification of the motoring industry is not only inevitable, it is happening at a far faster rate than most people were probably expecting.

Our new weekly newsletter Quick Charge makes it easy to be informed and entertained, bringing you all of the biggest EV news, as well as regular updates on our various long-term tests and other bits and pieces that have caught our eye.

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Sunday magazine launches (free) weekly newsletter

The Team Reporter from Stuff

Wake up on Sunday morning to a treat in your inbox from the team at Sunday magazine.

As well as the weekly cover story, Sunday's free newsletter delivers the latest on food (including delicious recipes from our resident chef Sam Mannering), fashion, design, beauty and well-being direct to your inbox.

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