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Handyman ASAP

Nic from Rothesay Bay

We are looking for a handyman, retired person, apprentice builder or similar ASAP ( next few days) as we have purchased a few items from a house that is going to be demolished and need help taking out what we are wanting to recycle. We have brought pool fencing a french door, 2 skylights a garage door ( possibly) . As its being demolished it should be relatively easy for a skilled person as the frames etc can just be lifted out with no worry about surrounding damage as its all going down anyway. Eventually we'd like help with installation but the priority is getting the items before the bulldozer comes!!!. Please call Jason 0272111568 paulgerj@yahoo.com. We have a trailer and van and can help also. P.S its not our house, we've just purchased used items in the hopes of saving money to do a few things to our house. Good and easy access.

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Poll: Are you in favour of the new cycleway being trialled in Auckland's CBD?

Caryn Wilkinson Reporter from Community News

Cyclists will have additional spots to lock up their bikes with new facilities installed as part of a cycleway trial.

Project WAVE is a $1 million cycleway trial in the Viaduct Harbour to connect the Quay and Nelson Street cycleways that could have over a thousand daily users.

Auckland Transport (AT) confirmed two new bike parking facilities able to accommodate 16 bikes have been installed as part of the trial, taking the total number of bike parks along the cycleway to 56.

The project is opposed by a group of residents and business owners.

The two new bike parking facilities are located on Customs Street West between Market Place and Lower Hobson Street. One is located near the Tepid Baths, and one is near O’Hagan’s bar.

The area now has enough space for around 56 bikes, as there were already existing facilities to accommodate 40 bikes before Project WAVE was implemented.

AT spokeswoman Natalie Polley said there are also numerous new bike parking facilities on Quay Street and in the new square as part of the Downtown project.

"That doesn’t even take into account bike parking at the ferry terminal, the AT Downtown Carpark and at many other locations on the Viaduct,” she said.
By Ripu Bhatia

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Are you in favour of the new cycleway being trialled in Auckland's CBD?
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  • 7% Undecided- it's too complex
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What's On: Free Pest Control Workshop

Adrian from Albany Heights

If you’re having problems with pests or are interested to know more about this important topic; this workshop presented by an expert professional is an ideal event (booking advised 09-420-5655)
Free Pest Control Workshop
  • Kaipara Coast Plant Centre & Sculpture Gardens
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$170k stolen from Auckland house bus of former burglar

Melanie Earley Reporter from North Shore Times

Kia ora neighbours, an Auckland man is offering a reward to anyone who can reunite him with $170,000 stolen from the house bus of his dad, a former burglar.

Jay Dudson, the son of burglar turned home security expert Dan Dudson, said after his father died in June 2020, the house bus he had been living in, in Auckland's Millwater, was burgled.

After almost a year with no leads, Dudson decided to offer a reward of $10,000 for the safe return of the money, which had been stored in an old green ammunition cannister.

Dudson said his father had spent a large portion of his life in prison, and had been a “professional” burglar until he decided to turn his life around in his 40s.

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