128 days ago

Traditional Metal Braces

Dentist Auckland NZ, Parnell

The impact a healthy & attractive smile can have on one’s self-esteem and confidence is invaluable. Orthodontic treatments can improve teeth that are crooked, misaligned, or crowded - leaving you with not only a beautiful smile but also a massive boost in confidence.

Braces aren’t just for cosmetic purposes, they can correct the alignment of your teeth and improve the functionality of your jaw. With misaligned teeth, you may come across difficulties in eating, talking, and oral health upkeep (which puts you at risk of quite serious dental issues). Braces will gently move your teeth (and roots) to their optimal position, it does take many months - however, once treatment is complete the beautiful results are lifelong.

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5 days ago

Are you happy about the loss of 8,000 planted native seedlings?

Todd Niall Reporter from Community News

Kia ora Neighbours, A contested decision by politicians on the Upper Harbour Local Board to mow down 8,000 native plants and young trees, could bring a hefty bill. Council staff reject that there was a mistake in the planting, and now there could be a big bill. What do you think ?

17 hours ago

Auckland Anniversary Day and Waitangi Day waste collections

The Team from Auckland Council

Rubbish and recycling collection times may change from 31 Jan to 11 Feb due to public holidays. Check your collection dates and sign up for our holiday text reminders by clicking on Read More.

7 hours ago

Freedom camping reminder ahead of the long weekends

The Team from Auckland Council

🏕️ Reminder so that we can enjoy all our region has to offer safely and respectfully:
✔️ Tents and other forms of shelter are permitted at our beaches and reserves during the day.
❌ Freedom camping, aka staying overnight in a tent, is not.