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Auckland public transport fares to rise next month

Brian from Mount Roskill

Auckland residents will be paying 6.2% more on average for trips on public transport from next month, Auckland Transport announced this morning.
The February 4 cost rise is to "help meet significant and sustained operating cost increases". It comes as part of Auckland Transport's (AT) annual review of fares against changes in operating costs and available budget.
Fares are typically updated in February, taking into account the cost of living and the investment needed to maintain and improve public transport services, it explained.
AT confirmed a weighted average increase of 6.2% will be implemented across its fare structure. For standard adult fares, this works out to be an increase of between $0.06 and $0.40 per journey on buses, trains and ferries.
AT's public transport and active modes director Stacey van der Putten said this year fares have increased to keep up with the "rising cost of running and maintaining Auckland's public transport network".
"In recent years we have been mindful of the impacts Covid-19 and extreme weather has had on our customers. We deferred last year's fare increase until April and in 2022 there was no increase at all," she said.
Van der Putten said operating costs have spiked dramatically over this period, driven by high inflation and staff shortages.
"Adjusting fares to raise revenue is unfortunately one of the steps AT needs to take to cover these higher costs," she said.
"We are committed to keeping public transport an affordable option for all Aucklanders, so the increase for longer journeys is only 1% - 4%."

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