About Supreme Cleans

An experienced, reliable, and passionate cleaner, provides high-quality, personalized domestic cleans, both for regular customers and one-off cleans.

Nicole has a passion for cleaning and combines her keen attention to detail with an eye for the bigger, aesthetic picture. She can help you during those times when your entire home needs a bit of a makeover by helping you to create a full cleaning plan. Cleans can include not only the basics, such as full kitchen and bathroom cleaning, but attention is paid to things that we don't tend to focus on so much day-to-day - the skirting boards, light switches, cupboard faces, and dust behind the bed. The wall marks, mirrors, doors, and dusty ornaments. She can also take on organizational tasks, such as cleaning fridges and pantries, sorting wardrobes, shelves, and cupboards, in an efficient, careful manner. She'll even clean your oven!

Allow Nicole to expertly handle these jobs on your behalf and
call 0225447419 today to make a plan.