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    Our 'sweat' treatment. Private infrared sauna + shower. https://slowestudio.co.nz/pages/discover

    Infrared Sauna + Ice Bath

    Our 'sweat + chill' treatment. Private infrared sauna, ice bath + shower.

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About slöwe studio

Slöwe Studio offers private infrared sauna and ice bath treatments, alongside a curated range of health and wellness products. Located in the heart of Takapuna, Auckland.

At slöwe studio we provide our community with space and time to reconnect in mind and body. We believe in providing a sacred space for you to restore energy, rehabilitate muscles and reinvigorate the nervous system using advanced infrared technology.

The benefits of using infrared saunas are vast but some of the most common reasons customers use them regularly include detoxification, muscle and joint recovery, circulatory issues, energy level concerns and overall immune support.

Our intention at slöwe is to not only provide you with the technology to aid you in your healing, but to also provide you with a nurturing, inclusive and welcoming space where you feel supported to do so.

We encourage you to come into our space and join our community, let us provide you with the tools to truly unwind.