143 White Swan Road
Mount Roskill
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About Bright Beginnings Early Learning Centre HQ

Bright Beginnings Early Learning Centre believes in providing a creative and open ended environment which encourages infinite learning for the children and strong relationships between teachers, children and families.

Our proactive quality environment acts as the third teacher for our children. Teachers aim at spending quality time talking and listening to the children. Respect is the key word and it is emphasised in all aspects of the day, whether it is routines, educational program or interactions between children and adults.

There is flexibility in the day’s routines, at the same time care is taken that each individual child’s needs are recognised and respected.

We believe in partnership and as a team we focus on extending this respect to children, families and team members.

We provide a stimulating, unique and natural environment that allows children to engage in experiences that they plan and implement. We believe in giving children complete ownership of their learning and their experiences.

We work towards planning for the children in a triadic manner, with teachers, parents and children being completely involved with centre life.

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