TimeOut Charity

Community Organisation

TimeOut Charity
21 Woodlands Crescent
Browns Bay
Auckland 0630

TimeOut is a NZ not-for-profit charity, connecting generous holiday home owners all around the country who are willing to donate a stay to a person diagnosed with a terminal illness so that they can connect & make special memories with family & friends. Every year, more than 24,000 people and their families experience terminal illness in NZ. Beyond the immense grief and emotional toll these illnesses take on all they affect, they also impact our most precious resource; time. By gifting experiences away from home, we provide families with much-needed moments of relief, shared experiences and the opportunity to take a break from it all, spending time together. With over 50,000 holiday homes in New Zealand, we're on a mission to get kiwi donors on-board, so we can all lend a hand to those who need it.